This is the central website for all information and services concerning Romansh, one of Switzerland’s four national languages.

The site is being developed in stages, so we hope you’ll make a habit of visiting us regularly. You can access our English pages directly through “” or “”.

We intend to provide a combination of our own information pages and links to other sites with more specific details about Romansh.

This service is divided into the following five categories:

Basic/general information about Romansh

Learning Romansh.

 A simple Internet introduction to the Romansh language and guidance on how to study further.

Romansh and Business

Things to consider if you are setting up a business operation in one of the Romansh-speaking parts of Canton Graubünden, if you want to carry out an advertising campaign in the Romansh language or if you are interesting in sponsoring a Romansh event.

Romansh and Travel

The Romansh-speaking territories are some of the most beautiful Alpine valleys in Europe – well worth a visit in their own right. Why not familiarise yourself a little with the Romansh language, history and culture during your stay in Canton Graubünden? [50000]
Why not come and meet us at “Scuntrada 2000” in the Upper Engadine (16-20 August 2000)?
The Scuntrada is by far and away the largest Romansh festival. It is organised once every three years, with a full programme of events covering all aspects of Romansh – the language itself, its history, current status, literature, music and much more. The motto for 2000 is “Romansh on the Move”. It is planned to organise an introductory presentation in English and to provide guidance or interpretation in English at a few specially selected events. [] 

Romansh and research

A forum for academic research concerning Romansh. Do you need help with a proposed research project? Have you written anything about Romansh that is available in print or on-line (in any language)? Do send us details and, in particular, a brief summary of the contents. []

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