About Us

Welcome to Romansh.ch – Your Gateway to the Romansh Language and Culture

Our Mission

At Romansh.ch, our mission is to serve as the premier online resource for everything related to the Romansh language, one of Switzerland’s four national languages. We are dedicated to promoting and preserving Romansh through comprehensive and accessible educational content, cultural insights, and community-driven initiatives.

Our Vision

We envision a world where the Romansh language thrives and is accessible to all—students, researchers, tourists, and business professionals alike. Romansh.ch aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of the Romansh-speaking regions of Switzerland, particularly Canton Graubünden.

What We Do

Romansh.ch provides a variety of resources organized into several key categories:

  • General Information: Discover the basics of Romansh, including its history and significance in Switzerland.
  • Learning Resources: Access beginner-friendly guides and advanced learning tools to help you master the Romansh language.
  • Business Integration: Find essential information for integrating Romansh into your business practices, whether through advertising, customer service, or local engagement.
  • Travel and Culture: Explore the scenic beauty of Romansh-speaking territories and learn about local customs, traditions, and events that highlight Romansh culture.
  • Academic Research: Engage with scholarly articles, studies, and forums dedicated to the study and preservation of Romansh.

Our History

Founded in 2001, Romansh.ch started as a small project by a group of language enthusiasts and quickly grew into the central hub it is today. Our commitment to providing valuable and accurate information has made us a trusted resource for the Romansh community and those interested in its language and culture.

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate linguists, experienced educators, dedicated researchers, and community leaders who all share a love for the Romansh language.

Join Our Community

Whether you are a native Romansh speaker, a student of the language, or a visitor to the region, we invite you to explore our site, participate in our events, and contribute to our forums. Your involvement makes a difference.

Get in Touch

We love to hear from our visitors! If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to share your Romansh experiences, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@romansh.ch.

We hope you find Romansh.ch to be a valuable resource and look forward to your contributions to our vibrant community.