Emprender rumantsch – Learn Romansh Through an Easy Internet Introduction and Guidance on Further Studies


Learning a new language is an exciting journey, one that opens doors to not just new conversations but also to different cultures, histories, and perspectives. For those intrigued by the allure of the Swiss Alps and the charm of its less widely spoken language, Romansh, embarking on this learning adventure can be particularly rewarding. Romansh, with its roots deep in the Roman era, presents a blend of historical richness and modern day relevance, serving not only as a language of daily communication in parts of Switzerland but also as a key to understanding local culture and heritage.

Introduction to Romansh

Romansh, or Rumantsch, is one of Switzerland’s four national languages. Predominantly spoken in the Canton of Graubünden, it represents a direct descendant of the Latin brought by Roman conquerors and has evolved over centuries into a series of dialects, each with its own unique phonetic and grammatical nuances. The language today stands as a testament to Switzerland’s linguistic diversity and cultural richness.

Despite its official status, Romansh is spoken by a relatively small population, making learning resources in the language scarce, particularly for those who do not speak German, which has traditionally been the primary language for Romansh educational materials. Recognizing this gap, the internet course provided on Romansh.ch aims to make learning this beautiful language accessible to a global audience, especially English speakers.

Course Overview

The Romansh online course is designed primarily for adult learners with little to no knowledge of German. It adapts a standard Romansh curriculum developed by Gieri Menzli and published by Lia Rumantscha, the leading cultural organization promoting Romansh. The course materials, including texts, grammar notes, vocabulary lists, and exercises, are intended to offer a comprehensive introduction to the language.

Structure of the Course

The course is structured into several units, each comprising four parts:

  1. Texts and Comprehension Questions: Each unit begins with a short text written in Romansh, followed by comprehension questions that help reinforce understanding of the material. Audio clips are also provided for some texts, allowing learners to hear native pronunciation.
  2. Grammar and Usage Notes: These notes introduce new grammatical concepts and usage tips specific to Romansh, aiding learners in gradually building a solid grammatical foundation.
  3. Vocabulary: Every unit includes a list of new words, enhancing the learner’s lexicon with general and thematic vocabulary pertinent to everyday and specialized conversations.
  4. Exercises: Suggested exercises help consolidate the learned material, with translations and key phrases provided in Romansh to practice and test progress.

Learning Resources

In addition to the online course, learners are encouraged to utilize additional resources such as the cassette available from Lia Rumantscha, which contains readings of the course’s passages and selected exercises, further aiding in the auditory learning of the language.

Challenges and Tips

Learning Romansh can be straightforward for English speakers, as many of the sounds and some grammatical structures are similar to those in English. However, the presence of several dialects or “idioms” can complicate the learning process at more advanced levels. Beginners need not worry, as the course focuses on Rumantsch Grischun, a standardized version developed to bridge the dialectical divides and used in official communications and modern literature.

Encouragement for Learners

The course creators understand the challenges of learning a new language and have thus made every effort to provide a supportive and comprehensive educational experience. Though the course does not offer a regular tutor service, learners are encouraged to email the course administrators with specific questions or difficulties they encounter. Responses to these inquiries are integrated into the course materials as updates, ensuring that all learners benefit from individual queries.


The Romansh online course from Romansh.ch is more than just a language learning platform; it is a gateway to engaging with a unique linguistic heritage. It offers a flexible, self-paced learning environment that respects the learner’s pace and style while providing all the tools necessary for mastering the basics of Romansh. With dedicated effort, learners can not only achieve proficiency in Romansh but also gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural and historical nuances that make Romansh an integral part of Switzerland’s identity.

As the course aptly concludes, we wish you “buna fortuna” or the best of luck in your language learning journey—may it be as enriching as it is educational!